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movieSherrie Kleinholz and the College of Mount St. Joseph Psychology Club
Sherry Kleinholz, president of the Psychology Club at the College of Mount St. Joseph, talks here about her desire to help individuals in need. The club recently held a fundraiser to help assist with food and clothes.

movieImpressions of From Delinquent to Disciple. Marquita Charles and Morgan Gordon share their impressions of James Robinson’s memoir, From Delinquent to Disciple. The two students were part of a recent college class that read and discussed the book and also listened to Mr. Robinson talk about writing it.

eff Ward on Our Daily Bread. What’s it like to work in one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in the country? Jeff Ward, a Communication Studies major at the College of Mount St. Joseph, talks about his work at Our Daily Bread, an organization that assists individuals in Over-the-Rhine, in Cincinnati, Ohio.


slideshowsKaryn Alexander signs memoir—Mad at God
RED! columnist Karyn Alexander's new memoir, Mad at God: Coming Full Circle from Anger to Solid Faith has just been published. Karyn recently signed copies of her second memoir, a sequel to her award-winning first book, Familiar Spirits, which chronicles her miraculous triumph over fear, doubt, personal hardship, and her establishing Winfield House in Augusta, Kentucky.

James Robinson ultimately turns his life around.
James Robinson – author, advocate, and formerly incarcerated (juvenile detention) individual – shares insight into how, in detention, he turned around his life and got a vision to write his new memoir, From Delinquent to Disciple.

Hunger Walk 2010 slide show
. Beginning at Lytle Park, in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, on Memorial Day over 3,700 participants in the Hunger Walk 2010 event either walked or ran 5 kilometers throughout the lower part of the city. The Walk raised funds for the Freestore Foodbank, the chief sponsor of the event.


RED! writer, Stephanie Brokaw, shares her perceptions of her first visit to a prison when she met the Kairos participants and observed the graduation ceremony at the Lebanon Correctional Institution. Don't miss her full feature story about the prison Kairos experience.


Brenda Huff talks about her current feature article profiling Ruth Kelly. Mrs. Kelly is involved in a faith-based addictions program called Reformers Unanimous (RU) at First Baptist Church in Milford, Oh, and is a chaplain at the Clermont County Jail. Watch the video.


Karyn Alexander talks about her innovative organization, Winfield House, a place of outreach and comfort for people in need in Greater Cincinnati. Her column for RED! is Voice of the Nations.


A.D. Ceasar, public relations director for the nonprofit, Haitian humanitarian organization, Sonje Ayiti (www.sonjeayiti.org), provides an update on the work of Sonje Ayiti in Haiti



View photos of the College of Mount St. Joseph students who are working with A.D. Ceasar to help Sonje Ayiti distribute medical supplies to Haiti.


Physical Therapy majors at the College of Mount St. Joseph, in Cincinnati, Ohio, are working to help Sonje Ayiti
organize the distribution of medical equipment and needs to earthquake victims in northern Haiti. Listen to them explain why.



On a recent snowy winter weekend in Cleveland, Ohio, a group of formerly incarcerated individuals – many of them friends – met for the first of an ongoing series of mini-conferences, “Promise Keepers Rally Outside the Walls”.


movieArden Ray High describes for RED! how much the recent conference in Cleveland, Ohio, “Promise Keepers Rally Outside the Walls,” meant to him. He talks about what re-entry really means. A formerly incarcerated individual, Mr. High is now a leader and advocate in Ohio’s inmate re-entry initiatives.


movieRED! Alert. Catch the video featuring comments from RED! writers about the breakthrough stories and work the webzine has been publishing. See what thousands of readers have been reading – and please consider donating so that we can continue bringing these stories of hope, turnaround, and innovation.


movieRED! contributing writer Amanda Ridner spent four months recently with faculty and staff at P.A.C.E. High School, one of the most innovative and progressive schools in the country which assists many formerly incarcerated youths who are pursuing “their last chance” at receiving an academic education. Listen to her talk about her experience.


slideshowsPhotos of Sonje Ayiti's relief efforts in Haiti
A.D. Ceasar, public relations director for the major, nonprofit, Haitian humanitarian organization speaks at the College of Mount St. Joseph in Ohio and Gabrielle Vincent, founder and Executive Director of Sonje Ayiti , (www.sonjeayiti.org), visits Haiti.



A.D. Ceasar, public relations director for the major, nonprofit, Haitian humanitarian organization, Sonje Ayiti (www.sonjeayiti.org), talks about the group’s timely response to help victims of the January 13 earthquake and about future strategies.


RED! feature writer Vicky McDonald shares impressions on what she learned in writing the story on mentor, educator, and spiritual advisor Bill Miley, and why his work is innovative and making a difference.


Columnist Paulette Lewis talks about writing her column, "The Streets" and her work as executive director of Urban Success, an mentoring organization she founded that works mostly with innercity youth.


Nancy Paraskevopoulos of Students for Justice in Palestine explains why the need for peace and justice in Palestine is at a crisis stage now, and why she’ll never forget the things she recently saw in Palestine.


slideshowsAt a recent roundtable discussion held at the Peaselee Neighborhood Center in Cincinnati, Ohio three students, representing the national activist Students for Justice in Palestine, spoke passionately and at length about their recent visits to Palestine and their concern for the injustices they observed by Israel against Palestinians.


slideshowsSponsored by Students for Life, Ohioans Against the Death Penalty and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, on the evening of September 21, 2009, Xavier University presented the program Sister Helen Prejean: Dead Man Walking: The Journey Continues.

In an exclusive interview with RED! Webzine, Sister Helen Prejean explains the Supreme Court's ruling on the right to a federal appeal in the case of Troy Davis of Georgia when seven witnesses recant their testimony.


Founding officers of Partners with Justice explain the inspiration behind the organization, it's purpose and goals, and how to get involved.



Partners with Justice celebrates its first anniversary.Diane Rogers, founder of Partners with Justice claims that visiting her incarcerated son, Willie, inspired her to start the organization.



Reginald Dawson, director for the Circle of Re-Entry (CFRO) program at UMADAOP Cincinnati, discusses the unique roll UMADAOP is playing in reducing recidivism in adults and youth through two of its programs.



Chris BolandWhat is part of the power behind RED!?  Among so many parts, we can surely point to our man on the technology end, Chris Boland. Here, in “Fast Track”, Chris explains why RED! is becoming a major player in internet media and what’s in store.


Gregory Flannery talks here about winning one of the most prestigious awards any newspaper can win, much less a street newspaper like Streetvibes. Published bi-weekly, SV brilliantly covers issues of social justice.



Michael Langford on UMADAOP (Urban Minority Alcohol and Drug Abuse Outreach Program) has come a long way since it's modest origins. UMADAOP director Michael Langford tells us who UMADAOP serves, how it has grown and what it is planning for the future.


S.O.S. Slide Show features guests, writers, artists, and excerpts of artwork from the  S.O.S. ART 09 held at The Art Academy of Cincinnati (Ohio), from May 19 to June 7, 2009. A community art show and event of socio-political expressions,  S.O.S. ART 09 encompassed a fascinating art exhibit, spirited poetry readings, documentary film, music, interactive performances, and panel discussions.


Doug Harris talks about Athletes United for Peace: it’s history, it’s selection as a United Nations NGO, it’s potential to be a uniting force across the world, and his hopes for the future.


Oakland’s Youth Uprising Center offers some of the most innovative, interactive, and leadership-oriented opportunities in the country
June 2009
A unique advocacy organization for youth, the Oakland Youth Uprising (YU) Center is a valuable model for urban youth programs and services nationwide. The Center supports programs in linking youth to other learning opportunities inside and outside of YU.

Michael Henson Speaks at the Mount
May 2009
The Service Learning Program at the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio featured guest speaker, author, and social justice advocate, Michael Henson, on February 19, 2009. The program, "From the Heart," an event that examined new issues involving the homeless population in Ohio and the tri-state region.


book reviewWeeding Out Trouble - A Nina Quinn Mystery by Heather Webber - Jan 2009
Weeding Out Trouble winds down a series involving an amateur investigator and gardening guru, Nina  Quinn. Alongside the radical humor, the serious presence of  redemption, survival, and hope elevates the story above mere slapstick.


book reviewBlessed Conviction - True Life Prison Parables by Gary Reece - Jan 2009
Author Gary Reece spent 25 years in Ohio prisons for a wrongful conviction. In Blessed Conviction Reece peels back the layers of the dark and even hopeful times in prison life to reveal how he made it - before the Ohio Parole Board authorized his release in 2004.


slide showVineyard Forum on Re-entry
Jan 2009
A major forum involving issues and needs of incarcerated individuals re-entering society was held November 12, 2008 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  A church and college coordinated this effort to showcase plans from over 25 prison and jail advocates, representatives from social service and governmental agencies and ministries to reach out more effectively to formerly incarcerated persons .


book reviewBreaking the Cycle of Self-Abuse by Lucreta Bowman
Sept 2008
RED! Editor Jeffrey Hillard explores Lucreta Bowman’s story of incarceration, survival, and influence. As the founder of a re-entry program for women coming out of prison, Lucreta’s passionate vision and skills far outweigh the turbulent former life she lead.


book reviewThe Outward Focused Life by Dave Workman
Sept 2008
Writer and pastor, Dave Workman, now delivers in print what he’s been telling the 4,000 to 5,000 weekly attendees to his church for years: “It’s not about you. It’s about others.” Dave’s meditations on selfless living are explored in Jeffrey Hillard’ review.


videoRon White
Sept 2008
Eric Johnson’s former college professor, Ron White, talks here about why he never once doubted Eric Johnson’s future as a well-respected mentor and teacher of youth.


videoSaad Ghosn
Sept 2008
Saad Ghosn is one of the great visual artists in the country. He’s also a vocal advocate for peace and justice. Here’s a full package revealing the artist’s vision: an interview, a video clip, review of his work and Slide Show of a selection of images.

Corina Evans
Sept 2008
In this video, Corina talks about life after prison – how far she’s come and what’s still at stake.


Audio interview with Lynda Crane
Sept 2008

Listen to innovator Lynda Crane in this exclusive RED! interview, as the professor of Psychology talks about how and why she started an organization and program in the heart of an inner city that reaches out to women. She even bought the building that houses the program.

Audio interview with Marge Kloos
Sept 2008

Marge Kloos, S.C. annually heads to the U.S.-Mexico border. Anthony, New Mexico – is home to the Women’s Intercultural Center. Here, the associate professor of Religious Studies at the College of Mount St. Joseph talks about how the Center, filled with innovative activity, has impacted many immigrant women’s lives.


book reviewCrossing the Yard by Richard Shelton
June 2008
Professor and poet Richard Shelton is a maverick. If there was a Hall of Fame for volunteer workers in prison, for prison ministries, or for innovative thinkers whose goal is helping inmates and formerly incarcerated inmates in various ways, Professor Shelton would be one of the strongest candidates.


book reviewJohn Paul II and the Meaning of Suffering: Lessons from a Spiritual Master
by Robert G. Schroeder - June 2008
What is it that incites a person to think deeply about suffering? Robert G. Schroeder, a young writer and scholar, has attempted a bold, passionate, and very meaningful investigation in his new first book.

book reviewWaiting to Die by Richard M. Rossi
June 2008
Although Richard Michael Rossi was a death row inmate in the state penitentiary at Florence, Arizona, he died in a prison hospital in 2005. His last appeal had been denied, and he was scheduled to be executed. Rossi left a number of essays, poems, articles, and his provocative memoir.


slide showRe-Entry Support Group
June 2008
On the first and third Thursday of every month, a group of formerly incarcerated men gathers to support each other’s journey, goals, and needs. Their stories of achieving a new focus, goals, and a grasp of what it means to really be living and functioning with a positive attitude are bold and enlightening.


videoSherise Morris
June 2008
Coming back into society from prison, overcoming serious illnesses, finding a job - Sherise Morris' faith has never been stronger. Listen to her tell you.


videoRasheed Jihad
June 2008
Rasheed Jihad was wrongfully incarcerated for 10 years, yet pro-actively worked toward goal-setting for his future, while helping his fellow inmates with their education. When he speaks, we should listen.


book review
Brother, I'm Dying
by Edwidge Danticat
March 2008
A brilliant chronicle of exile, love, and injustice at a Miami detention center. You’ll never forget it.


book review
All Alone in the World
by Nell Bernstein
March 2008
One of the most captivating and disturbing looks into the current epidemic of children of incarcerated parents.


book review A New Kind of Normal by Carol Kent
March 2008
How has a best-selling author and her family survived the tragedy of a son’s crime and his life imprisonment in Florida?