Kurt TuffendsamFive for Filmmaker Kurt Tuffendsam August 2010
Filmmaker Kurt Tuffendsam is going into Mexico prisons with a uniquely annointed innovator, Pastor Esteban, who himself was formerly incarcerated. Read about the miraculous things happening in Mexico.


Bill LambersBill Lambers on Food for Haiti February 2010
RED! Editor Jeffrey Hillard speaks with World Food Programme (WFP) advocate William Lambers on the WFP’s extraordinary response to food relief efforts in Haiti. 

Sister Helen PrejeanSister Helen Prejean - part I October 2009
In this first of a two-part interview, Sister Helen Prejean discusses her work to abolish the death penalty.


Sasha AppatovaSasha Appatova August 2009
Sasha Appatova tells RED!'s Lisa Muething about her work with adult and juvenile offenders who are trying to become a part of society, a productive part of society. Read about her success stories and how she helps ex-offenders overcome employment barriers and more.


School LunchesWilliam Lambers August 2009
Editor of the new 2009 anthology Ending World Hunger: School Lunches for Kids Around the World talks with RED! about the anthology, a compilation of interviews with officials from the United Nations’ World Food Programme about school feeding initiatives that fight child hunger.


Bruce GibsonBruce Gibson—Part II July 2009
Director of Probation for Clermont County, Ohio and one of the most innovative advocates for prisoner re-entry in the U.S., Bruce Gibson uses his years of experience to shed light on the timely and critical issues of jail overcrowding, probation and alternatives, re-entry, the evil of society and the future of the criminal justice system.


Bruce GibsonBruce Gibson—Part I July 2009
In the past 30 years, Bruce Gibson has become one of the most innovative advocates for prisoner re-entry in the U.S.  Ways that agencies and programs are dealing with re-entry issues are radically changing, and Bruce Gibson is on the frontline of change. With jail and prison populations skyrocketing, what’s in store? What’s being done now? In this first of two RED! conversations, the Director of Probation for Clermont County, Ohio, Courthouse tells you why he is not slowing down.

Stephen Johnsongrove
A RED! Exclusive: Stephen Johnsongrove Jan 2009
You finally want the truth? What you really need to know about the future of incarceration and its myriad issues is here. David Higgins sits down with attorney Stephen Johnsongrove, one of the country’s foremost legal authorities on social justice and re-entry issues, to give you a snapshot of the future.

Paulette LewisInterview with Paulette Lewis about Urban Success
Jan 2009

RED! editor Jeff Hillard interviews founder and executive director of Urban Success and the non-profit passes its one year anniversay.

Saad GhosnInterview with Saad Ghosn
Sept 2008
Saad Ghosn is one of the great visual artists in the country. He’s also a vocal advocate for peace and justice. Here’s a full package revealing the artist’s vision: an interview, a video clip, a review of his work, and a Slide Show of a selection of images.

Eric JohnsonInterview with Eric Johnson
Sept 2008

While his youth was comprised of more problems than one can imagine – including truancy, incarceration, and near-homelessness – Eric Johnson actually turned it around, with the help of many others. Now he’s on the front line, helping to positively shape youths’ lives in southern California.

Lynda CraneAudio interview with Lynda Crane
Sept 2008

Listen to innovator Lynda Crane in this exclusive RED! interview, as the professor of Psychology talks about how and why she started an organization and program in the heart of an inner city that reaches out to women. She even bought the building that houses the program.

Marge KloosAudio interview with Marge Kloos
Sept 2008

Marge Kloos, S.C. annually heads to the U.S.-Mexico border. Anthony, New Mexico – is home to the Women’s Intercultural Center. Here, the associate professor of Religious Studies at the College of Mount St. Joseph talks about how the Center, filled with innovative activity, has impacted many immigrant women’s lives.

Rasheed JihadDown, But Never Broken June 2008
Rasheed Jihad speaks with RED!’s Mike Jones about what it took to never become bitter or hopeless during his 10 years of wrongful incarceration. In fact, he put those years to work, planning much of what he’s doing now: mentoring and teaching inside and outside of prisons, writing, filmmaking, working with youth, and simply helping change the world. 

DeRon SmithThe Man With Eight Lives: Interview with DeRon Smith author of "Innocence of a Child"
June 2008
Despite a life-threatening drug habit, incarceration, seven relapses, gang banging, and a financial paradise, when De’Ron Smith hit rock bottom, he hit hard. Shannon Alten’s interview with RED!’s columnist and the author of Innocence of a Child explores even deeper issues De’Ron battled, before God intervened once and for all, and a few miracles surfaced.

Joe LetscheInterview with Joe Letsche
June 2008
“I never in my wildest dreams expected I’d land in prison,” says Joe Letsche. “I could never have imagined it.” With his “poor choice” and prison behind him now, Joe now supports and encourages others that are re-entering society from incarceration.

Tony DrummondInterview with Tony Drummond
June 2008

There was Tony Drummond, amassing a small fortune in credit card theft. Then he was caught, convicted, and imprisoned – more than once. But Tony isn’t about his heyday. He’s about deep brokenness, near homelessness, and true healing. Today he’s turning his significant talent toward helping others make positive life choices.

Lance GlazeInterview with Lance Glaze of God's Word for the World
June 2008

Lance Glaze and his associates impact people in the world’s poorest countries. God’s Word for the World collaborates to get Bibles translated into native languages and delivered. It’s a fact, too, that many prisoners and formerly incarcerated individuals in these places are getting Bibles.

Dr. Jennifer WilliamsStop the Violence - Interview with Dr. Jennifer Williams of Out of the Crossfire March 2008
In a small room across from the fifth floor nurse’s station, at University Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dr. Jennifer Williams, Program Director of Out of the Crossfire, creates miracles. Through the program Williams offers victims of gun violence an alternative to the perpetual cycle of violence.

Doug HarisInterview with Filmmaker Doug Harris
March 2008

Doug Harris, one of the premier documentary filmmakers in the country, specializes in showing how basketball both influences and has been influenced by culture and history. Here we learn how Mr. Harris empowered a group of Bay Area youths in juvenile detention by putting them to work on the production of a film.

Bob and Margaret BarnhardtOldest Living Jail Inmate Mentor - Interview with Bob Barnhardt
March 2008

Bob Barnhardt is an 85-year-old former combat pilot with the United States Army Air Corp during WWII and a retired engineer with Proctor and Gamble. He has been married to Margaret Barnhardt for 65 years. Bob is possibly the oldest living mentor of a jail inmate in the country.