Letter from the editor

by Jeff Hillard

Jeff Hillard, Editr of REDwebzineI could not have been more surprised.

I never expected to awaken at 2:00 a.m. in 2005 with a vision.

I suspected it had to be an awakening of some degree, because ever since I got an idea of what this webzine might be, I’ve not gone one day without thinking about it, about its potential, or about the stories we’re destined to cover across the world.

I’ve spent the last seven years mentoring formerly incarcerated individuals or volunteer teaching in prisons and jails. In the process of upgrading my knowledge of the criminal justice system, I’ve met many people affiliated with the System (whether incarcerated or not) whose work, lives, achievements, and stories are as amazing and miraculous as one can imagine. 

The news stories I’ve come across need your attention. They deserve to be spun through your printer. Forward them to friends. It’s as if God has said, “Jeff, now get ‘em out, these stories. Get them down. Alert the world to what I’ve been doing. A lot of these people have been written off, cast aside, glossed over. We’re not forgetting them.”

Recently I heard a talk radio host say, “I really wish I could read more Comeback Stories. I think we need them.

”You could say RED! is full of “Comeback Stories.

”We believe in serving. We want to help construct a bridge of writing from prisons and jails to the outside world, projecting the voices of individuals who have experienced a changed life in a positive way.Thank you for joining in. Thank you for believing in the vision. Thank you for reading.I still wake up at night thinking about what RED! can become. This is The Breakthrough ‘Zine.

More soon.

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