Amanda Ridner experiences P.A.C.E. High School
February 24, 2010

RED! contributing writer Amanda Ridner spent four months recently with faculty and staff at P.A.C.E. High School, one of the most innovative and progressive schools in the country which assists many formerly incarcerated youths who are pursuing “their last chance” at receiving an academic education. Listen to her talk about her experience.

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P.A.C.E. (Progress, Achievement, Choice, Empowerment) High School is an innovative dropout recovery and prevention school in Cincinnati, Ohio in a wing of a former church.  P.A.C.E. was designed for at-risk youths in need of a safe place to fit in and work toward their own American Dream. Amanda Ridner talks to the school’s co-founder and executive director, Dr. Steven Hawley, to find out what makes P.A.C.E. so special. Who are they helping? What's their secret for success? How does P.A.C.E. “provide a ray of hope for young men and women who have been left behind”?