The Art of Saad Ghosn

by Jeff Hillard

September 2008

Artist Saad Ghosn is full of hope. He is an optimist, yet he’s also a realist. As much as he sees goodness in people, however edgy and fragile, he sees and feels the frustration and, in many valid cases, the anger rising in people who know they’re being manipulated and deceived by especially people whose corrosive power seems to always prevail.

In Ghosn’s work, subtleties cause you to pay close attention to the themes. In “In the Land of the Free,” thorny tree branches imprison birds that could either be trapped or are in the process of flying away. A background of wood-hatchings suggest grass or sky (freedom).

These kinds of wild contrasts and dual-meanings exemplify the artist conflicted about where this world is heading. But, behind it all is a vision of hope, peace, and justice. Shards of light in the form of colorful images in much of Saad Ghosn’s work may not be the first thing you see – but you will see it. Just look. Look again. Read complete review by Jeffrey Hillard.