My Time has Begun

by Yati Florida
March 2010


Yati Florida, recently released from prison, is now working successfully in a re-entry program. Her story of breakthrough continues.

"Well, I now have 9 days and a wake up!  I am so excited and nervous!  I still need someone to pick me up.  I know that I am going to be an emotional mess, but I do believe that I am a lot stronger than I think.  I am going to need a couple of weeks to collect myself and adjust.  I have stopped saying, "My time is almost over."  Instead I say, "My time has begun."

Leaving prison is a bittersweet emotion for me.  Everything that I have grown accustomed to, simply for sole survival, is now going to change dramatically.  This is a strange thing. . .How can someone miss prison?  I am going to miss certain people and aspects of this place.  It has been my residence for quite some time.  I would dare say that I have gotten use to the prison environment.

However, my mind is not imprisoned.  I cannot stay here, nor do I desire to stay.  I cannot come back here.  Prison has been a life-changing, mind-changing part of my life's journey.  It has been crucial to my upbringing into womenhood.  I am even thankful for this part of the journey and all its tragedy.  I have grown so much.  Survival of the fittest!

But I now desire the life of abundance—physically, mentally, emotionally, and, most importantly—spiritually.  I desire the life of abundance which Jesus Christ speaks about, that He promises.  I desire eternal life.  This is not going to be easy, but again, thanks to prison, I'm okay with uneasy.  I will even embrace the difficulties which I believe are designed for my growth.

So I will see you soon. I am looking forward to holding myself accountable and truly living life.

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