Second Incarceration Transformational for Corina Evans

by Brittany Horn
Sept 2008


Twenty-nine year old Corina Evans has overcome several hurdles in her life. One obstacle she faced was being incarcerated – twice.

Evans was first arrested for drug trafficking and possession. She served eighteen months in prison and six months on house arrest. Before her arrest she didn’t care about others and viewed situations in a criminal manner. If the situation didn’t involve making money, it wasn’t important. 

“The second time I was incarcerated, I knew that I had to straighten up,” says Evans.

While in prison, Evans had an experience that changed her life for the better. She had her fourth child. Evans said she feels she had the best bond with her youngest daughter.

“People take prison as a resting spot, but it should be taken as a resource,” says Evans.       

Since her incarceration, Evans has learned to put herself first and make decisions that benefit her. Prison has taught her how to be a provider for her family.

“I had to get away from being a momma’s girl and become a adult,” she says.

For the time being, Evans holds a steady job working as a server at a local restaurant. In the future she would like to attend school for chemical dependency to become a drug and alcohol counselor. She is strongly interested in working with pregnant women in a recovery program.

Evans feels that being incarcerated should “not let your past define who you are going to be. People think you can’t be someone else, but you can,” she says.  

Evans is an ideal example of a woman who can overcome hurdles not once, but twice.  


Watch Corina's video.