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September 2010

We should follow Jesus’ example of forgiveness. One of God’s blessings is his forgiveness. Christ makes it clear that he freely forgives us; therefore, how in good conscience and peace of heart could we hold anything against another person, knowing how we hurt the Lord with our multitude of sins?  How could we hold a grudge because of trespasses against us? 

June 2010

There are a thousand ways to hurt someone you love that have nothing to do with physical violence.

May 2010

Prisoners, in my opinion, are the most doubted when it comes to finding religion. Before my incarceration, I held that same opinion. I’d think, “Oh, he’s in prison. Now he’s a Christian?” So judgmental…. We fail to realize that you’ll find Jesus in the most unlikely places.

January 2010

By living a sinful life I was only blocking the blessings that have since come my way and going through the pain. I never understood (at the time) why I would be put through such emotional torture. The explanation of that part of God’s plan has been revealed to me.

November 2009

Our hearts are broken, so we can differentiate that emotion from what it feels like to be truly loved, once we find love. Everything – everyone – in our personal path serves a purpose and takes part in our experience (I’ll explain).

May 2009

Why? Why would one person endure so much pain in one lifetime, in any lifetime? So we’ll know how wonderful heaven is, or to have us feel a fraction of pain that God felt when he gave his only begotten son for this world.


January 2009

All I remember is the judge slamming his gavel, announcing that my new home for the next 25-plus years would be the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville, Ohio.
Wow! Talk about shock. I had four children that needed me and I was going away for life. Read more.



Melissa Vanover

Melissa Vanover