My Time - May 2010

by Melissa Vanover


Let me talk to you from inside the prison system.

Prisoners, in my opinion, are the most doubted when it comes to finding religion. Before my incarceration, I held that same opinion. I’d think, “Oh, he’s in prison. Now he’s a Christian?” So judgmental….

We fail to realize that you’ll find Jesus in the most unlikely places. But he was waiting on you all along. You can’t hide from Jesus. He’s everywhere, in the same way you can’t hide from a memory. I never forget that I’m a sinner; to not realize this would make me “high and mighty.” I am a sinner. The only difference is that I found out I needed a savior and turned to him for my gift of salvation. My sins are like yesterday: old cornbread, no good, stale.

It’s the same ‘ole game. I’m just a new player. He doesn’t expect you to do anything that he hasn’t already done himself. I’ve put myself in situations that, if only I would’ve leaned on Jesus, I would not have experienced the pain. In the midst of my sin, he still loved me. When I was a dump station where everyone put his or her trash on me, he said, “I don’t care how dirty you are, I love you.”

Jesus is never late and seldom early. But, don’t jump ship; stay in prayer, stick to his Word, have faith and let him keep you safe until the storm of life passes. God will prepare you for things before you even know they’re on their way. What we go through now is experience for the future. This place is not my home. I may be locked up right now. Today I’m an eagle; I’m stepping out on faith, trying to reach my loved ones to maybe convince them to turn to Christ, to join me in this journey.

Christians are the richest creatures (spiritually) on earth. Money can buy a house, but not a home. It can buy you enemies but not friends; buy a clock, but not time. Although it’s never too late, time is drawing near. We need to accept Christ into our hearts. That’s my plea today for anyone reading this.

Take a lesson from Jesus: there is nowhere left to go but upward. When you truly love, you’ll sacrifice just as Jesus did. God brought me out and put my feet upon a foundation. He is my foundation.

Bloom where you are planted.