Real Time - March 2008

a column by DeRon Smith


Ex Con, Ex Felon, Felon, Inmate: How do these labeling words continue to induce a perpetuating cycle of  responsibility dysfunction and low self esteem, never allowing the individual to rise above the weight of the negative attachment?

When an individual has served his or her time in a correctional facility, when does he or she return to become a standing member in society? Or do they lose their earthly privileges as a human being because of the committed crime?

Do we, as a society, add to the revolving cycle of recidivism by contributing division based on the principles of have and have not’s, race, education, and surely, economics?

I’m just offering some things to ponder.

I’ve been on both sides of the law, and am now a major contributor to society and the fight to reduce prison recidivism, teen drop-outs, and restoring fragmented lives caused by drug addictions.

In my own life, which I’ll share in another segment, I’ve suffered at the hand of foolish decision making and rebellion: understandably, I now know the importance of life’s choices.

For now, think on how mere words play such a significant role in developing or destroying. I’m a stickler for inspiration, believing that we possess power in our words. Let’s use that power for the good, not the bad.

Speak life, today in someone’s life!

Until next time,

De’Ron Smith
Author, Inspirational Speaker, Intervention Consultant

Jeff Hillard

DeRon Smith