From the Inside - May 2009

by Jessie Mabrey


A Memorandum
TO: All Clergymen
FROM: J.M. Reporting from the Inside

RE: “No Community Member Left Behind”

Purpose: No member of a community should be left behind. This is a critical concept. The time has come to unify the community. Ministers, church lay persons: start with members of your congregation who are in need; start with families that live within the community surrounding your house of worship, and eventually spread out to help your entire community.

How? By asking all who are skilled within the congregation (electricians, drywall specialists, plumbers, painters, and other laborers and those with true skills) to “pay it forward” to a member of the community.

Create a community Home Improvement Committee. Adopt a family to keep those family members from becoming homeless or separated.

If every house of worship adopted one family within the community, an entire community could come together (see the Book of Acts, 2:44 and 4:33 – 35).

We, as people, must come together and help ourselves preserve the community in which we live.  Show Christ’s love for every human being (see Ephesians 4:1-16).

We must unify. It can be done. May God’s blessing be upon you.

This is J.M. reporting from the inside a message from the Most High.