From the Inside - January 2009

by Jessie Mabrey


On the occasion of the 2008 Presidential election

Hello, outside world!

This is J.M. reporting from the inside.

God woke me up this morning through his grace and mercy to give me a choice against the odds and to have a blessed day.

Today is history in the making. People in the outside world are voting for our next President of the United States.

On the inside, we are praying for our next President of the United States.

Just as our incoming President will make conscious decisions for the American people and the economy, I choose to make a conscious decision to put one positive foot in front of the other foot and through adversity.

Every day is a challenge met and overcome. Some see lemons: the strife of incarceration. I see lemonade: the success of “working” on me and on others in a positive way. Coping Skills group was wonderful today! Tonight is choir practice. Tomorrow is a church service to sing God praises, and we see the gift of a new President-elect.

So, from the inside this is J.M. saying, “Think Green!”