Editorial Policy


RED! accepts only queries for feature stories. Send query letters to redwebzine@gmail.com . RED! does not accept unsolicited manuscripts for feature stories. We respond to all queries.

News feature ideas are always considered. RED! publishes journalism-based stories and news
involving any of these three areas:

  • profiles of individuals whose lives have experienced positive transformation during
    incarceration or during a period of re-entry into society;

  • features that depict people who present a unique ministry to or affiliation with incarcerated

  • and news involving programs or organizations that facilitate unique or innovative measures
    to reach incarcerated or formerly incarcerated person

RED!’s “Action Words” section exclusively features personal essays by inmates in local,
county, state, or federal correctional facilities. It also features essays by formerly incarcerated
individuals. Essays must evoke a theme of transformation or depict the writer’s life, behavior,
or thinking as positively enhanced during a period of incarceration or re-entry

  • Send essays to redwebzine@gmail.com or a self-addressed stamped envelope to

    RED! Webzine
    P.O. Box 58613
    Cincinnat, OH 45258

  • Editors reserve the right to edit personal essays.

  • Writers or artists will be notified upon acceptance of work for publication.

  • Writers, artists, or photographers submitting work for possible publication must do so knowing that, if published, the work will appear on a voluntary, uncompensated basis.